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We are a personal consulting firm focused on Small & Medium sized businesses delivering effective Strategy & Go-to-Market Plans

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Business is like chess:  you had better be thinking several moves ahead if you want to stay competitive.

Go-to-Market Planning

Even the best strategic plans will fail if there is not an integrated, robust Go-to-Market plan in place. Cross-functional understanding of the objectives and tasks needed to deliver the results are key to success.

Product Set Evaluation & Development

Having the right value proposition, product features and pricing are vital to growing your market share.  Are your products positioned correctly for the market and benchmarked against your competitors?

European Expansion

If you are ready to grow outside your home market, make sure you have all the facts and a comprehensive plan of action.

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Digital Transformation

SMBs are often the last group to update their systems and automate their processes, but tangible benefits can be realised.

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