European Expansion

Whether you are already established in Europe and want to enter new markets or looking to enter Europe for the first time, we can craft an expansion strategy for businesses based on your objectives, the market situation in the target country and industry trends. 

We use a rigorous approach to define the appropriate market entry strategy including utilising local resources on the team to evaluate the feasibility of your products / services. We also assist in identifying and developing appropriatemarketing and sales channels.


> Evaluate Capacity for Expansion

> Feasibility Study on Target Market(s)

> Ideation and Planning on Go-to-Market strategy

> Establish custom Business Plan and Go-to-Market Strategy

> Partner / Distribution search (if needed)

Each country in Europe has its own unique culture. It is important to have a solid grasp of the cultural nuances and how they might impact a successful business from another country. Our network allows us to connect with local experts to avoid pitfalls that might not be known or visible from outside.

European expansion is not for everyone. Understanding the internal impacts and disruption to on-going operations are critical to a successful expansion programmed. Knowing and monitoring the critical success factors and having a clear view of when to push ahead and when to consolidate are key elements for Senior Management to consider.

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