Businesses need to know exactly where they stand in the market in order to plot a clear course for the future. 

We provide analysis, insights and expertise to Owners, CEOs and Executive teams to assist them in determining where they are, where they want to go and the course to get there.

We are like navigators on a ship who work with the Captain and crew to find the best course to sail and avoiding obstacles to progress.

Our Process

> Organisational Self-Assessment

> Market / Industry Assessment

> Data Analysis

> Strategy Ideation & Alternatives

> Facilitated Workshops

We use a framework of “Defend, Extend, Develop” to help prioritise and categorise initiatives and resources across the company. Focusing on Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs), we help companies plan for growth by developing strategies that maximise their current market position and identify ways to actively expand by product / service line or geographically.

This process works regardless of industry or geography.

Go-to-Market Planning

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Product Set Evaluation

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European Expansion Planning

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Digital Transformation

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